How I Found Medical Medium and Spirit of Compassion

“I am so incredibly grateful for Anthony Williams and Spirit of Compassion.”

Beginning of September 2020 I was headed home for one of my best friends weddings and was trying to find a podcast about health. At this point in my life, (I had COVID back in March of 2020 and my health was never the same after) I was really struggling with health issues and wasn’t getting any better. 

Here is a list of what I was dealing with:
1. terrible digestive issues heart burn and acid reflux 
2. bloating, terrible gas pains, constipated
3. everything was smelling and tasting like burnt chemicals
4. panic attacks, anxious all the time 
5. terrible anxiety ( I have had my whole life, but became much worse) 
6. Irregular periods with heavy bleeding, breakouts, extremely tender breasts, awful cramps, diarrhea (or period poops as some call it), never needing a lot of sleep during my period (I was on birth control but I had taken Plan B back in February of 2020 and my pharmacy at the time stopped carrying the birth control I had used and switched mine which made my symptoms worse)
7. Not sleeping a lot, restless legs my whole life (which I thought was normal and that everyone had them)
8. Lost a ton of weight with in such a short amount of time (I had previously gained weight from an anxiety medication I was put on. I gained about 50 pounds extra, but I have always been thin my whole life)
9. Bruising even more easily than I ever had (I’ve always bruised easily)
10. Acne
11. Would get extremely tired out of no where and pass out or feel I was going to pass out (I would get these driving on long drives and it was awful almost falling asleep at the wheel) 
12. My trichotillomania was getting worse (A topic that will be for another post)
13. I was losing hair and it became very thin and brittle
14. My nails were brittle
15. Heart Palpitations
16. Muscle spasms
17. Eye twitches
18. This awful cough that I couldn’t get rid of (that I had for about a year at this point)
19. So much mucus/phlegm 
20. My nose would run every time I ate, or even when I would work out
21. Brain Fog and couldn’t remember things
22. I would get extremely cold, freezing hands and feet (which I had since I was little and also thought this was normal)
23. Never had a good nights sleep, I would always wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes not able to fall back asleep or just never be able to fall asleep
24. Generally fatigued all the time

& these are just the symptoms I can remember. With that being said I have had a lot of these issues my whole life, they became much worse after having COVID. ( I almost think it accelerated my health issues that would have been much worse later on in my life.)

(A little background: At this point I had already stopped drinking alcohol for about a month, a GI specialist I was seeing had put me on a Proton Pump Inhibitor, Omeprazole, to ‘help’ reduce my stomach acid (which didn’t help any of my digestive symptoms and made them extremely worse). People were trying to help me out and give me suggestions of things to try which I did, but none of them helped.)

I happened to be looking at The School of Greatness for some of his health guest interviews for my car drive home. Episode 920: The Medical Medium Know Whats Wrong so You Can Fix it with Anthony William caught my eye. I read a little bit about what they were going to talk about and I thought why not listen to this. I listened to it once, than another time, and then again, and before I knew it, I listened to this podcast my whole 6 hour drive home. I couldn’t believe how much I resonated with this interview. I felt I found something that could help me when nothing else had at this point. (My body felt like it was failing me, doctors said I was ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’; I knew I wasn’t and I was desperate to try anything.) In the podcast he mentions celery juice and how it can really help anyone. Before I got home I stopped at the grocery store to get some bunches of Celery to juice it because I knew I had a juicer at my moms house that I hadn’t used in years. I didn’t know it, but this was when I started on my healing journey. & it all started with Celery Juice.

My first picture with Celery Juice!

I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for this podcast, for the universe putting this podcast in my path and for me taking the leap with Celery Juice and trusting my intuition. I am so incredibly grateful for Anthony Williams and Spirit of Compassion. Grateful for the work they are doing to heal so many people around the world. If you watch his Instagram stories, he reposts so many stories of people healing all around the world. His information works and I believe you too (Yes I am talking to you reading this) can heal. I am one of the many people who are living proof that following his protocols will help you heal. I still have so much more to go with my own healing, but I can tell you I am way better off than I was a year ago. & if you are interested in learning more about Medical Medium I would suggest checking out his first book (the Revised and Expanded version), Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Revised and Expanded Edition). I have so much more to tell you all of my healing and I can’t wait! Much love and blessings sent your way!

Much Love,

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