A New Year & New Beginnings

You can’t have a happy ending to an unhappy Journey.
– Abraham Hicks

I came upon this quote recently, and it took me a bit to realize what Abraham Hicks was referring too. How I interpret this quote is that “It’s about the Journey, not the destination.” You can hope and wish that the destination is going to be the best thing, what you’ve always been looking for, or the happiness that awaits you once you’ve reached your destination. But that’s not what life is about. It’s about enjoying where you are in life, right in this very moment. The struggles, the joy, the peace, the hard times, all of it. You can’t experience joy without pain. But what really matters most about your journey, is how you see it. If you can find joy in the little things or turn a negative situation into a positive one, you can change your mood and help you to appreciate life to its fullest.

I feel if you expect a happy ending with a journey thats been very unhappy, it’ll never happen. Putting expectation on things has never worked out for me. If I go into something with a certain expectation and it doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would, I generally start to feel unhappy because it wasn’t what I expected. & that’s not how life should be lived.

In life you just have to let things flow, and be in the present moment because you will never get this moment back. It is hard not to live in the past or the future because I’m always trying to plan something ahead of time, or I get stuck in old negative thought patterns. But it isn’t until you appreciate where you are in this very moment that you realize that this is the journey, your journey. This right here is where I should be, not thinking about what am I going to be doing in 5 months, or not why did I make that mistake 3 weeks ago. One is in the future and one is in the past, and neither of them is happening right at this very moment.

Yes, the future can be scary, but living in fear only stops you from living the life you were always meant too. Embracing the unknown is where you really grow and learn things that you thought were never possible. Once you find beauty in the unknown, life will really start to open up for you. I know it is easier said than done, but I have found embracing myself and letting the thoughts and emotions flow for where I am in the moment (whether it be sad, joyful, angry, numb, happy or any other emotion or thought that pop up in my head), really helps me. If I feel sad or depressed I try to embrace this feeling instead of pushing it down. Thoughts are just thoughts in your head, and they will pass through if you observe them and let them flow.

This year I am choosing to embrace every moment in my life and embrace myself for who I am. We are all human and we make mistakes and hurt others without meaning too. I know I have, but I am trying to bring peace to what has happened in my past and forgive myself for making mistakes and learn from them. I remind myself to keep spreading love and be kind to others. & for you reading this post, don’t ever dim your bright light for anyone, keep shining it because you never know who’s day you could change for the better.

Honestly, I am scared for my unknown because I have no idea what is going to happen this year. But the beauty is, what if it turns out better than I’ve ever imagined? What if this year is my year to make things happen for myself? That’s the energy I want to bring into this new year, embracing the unknown and being excited for what comes next. Because who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow! Happy New Year & Cheers to new beginnings!

Much Love,

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