Days When I Don’t Feel Like My Best Self

“It always starts with one change, and once you make that one change, it sets off a reaction of new things coming your way.”

I recently had a friend ask me, “How do I get through the days where I have negative thoughts or with low or bad days?” & my first thought was where do I even start with answering this question? (Hahaha…. but seriously) I have so much that I would love to write. So I ended up writing her an extremely long email, basically an essay that you would write for a class. Except this time for me, this was a topic that I loved writing about and I realized I absolutely loved answering this question. So, I decided to share a little with you what of helps me on days where I don’t feel my best self to maybe help you in your life!

When I sat down to write this email, the first thing that immensely helped me was completely changing my lifestyle. Especially changing my diet, because once I changed my diet to plant based (following Medical Medium(MM) Protocols), everything else I mention followed. It always starts with one change, and that one change sets off a reaction of new things coming your way! The one thing I still cannot believe helped so much with my anxiety was changing my diet. I could not believe that I didn’t have any therapists or doctors tell me to start changing my diet or lifestyle habits. Simply cutting most everything out I ate, and started to follow MM protocols changed my whole life. It wasn’t easy at all and I was struggling immensely at the beginning, but it was 100% WORTH IT. All the struggles, all of the emotions, everything I went through, I wouldn’t trade anything in the world to change my experiences because I would not be the person I am today without anything that has happened in my life. (Which is the same for you) But simply eating fruits and vegetables completely helped. I could not be more grateful for the Medical Medium information, because everything he has said has helped me in more ways than I could’ve even imagined back then. His Morning Cleanse is what I also think has helped with my anxiety (and this is just one thing that I have healed mostly and I am so proud of) specifically his Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie.

Other things that have helped me: No drinking alcohol (that fueled my anxiety), I don’t consume any fat on most days, but if I consume fat, like an avocado, I wait until dinner time to eat it. I feel my best when I don’t eat overt fats at all. More things that helped are eating only fruits and vegetables (which actually have fat, protein, vitamins and minerals you need), drinking so much lemon water, since I was so dehydrated (I also think everyone needs to drink more water), getting enough sleep, using more natural products for everything (shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, soap, dish soap, and so much more) I don’t wear make-up anymore, and so much more that I have changed. Changing everything I have consumed from what I eat, to what I watch, and what I read. These are just the main things that have changed my life for the better.

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The second thing I think has helped me to stay positive is having gratitude throughout my day. Every day, even for the little things, having gratitude helps me to keep my positive attitude throughout my day. With being grateful for all that you have is immensely comforting and really changes the way you see life. There are days where I feel so intensely grateful and so much love for myself that I tear up and cry, tears of joy for being blessed with a few great people and all that I have right here with me. We are really fortunate in this life. I am truly grateful that you are taking the time to read this, because not many people know me as my true self.
    Gratitude is really the basis with which we should all be using in our lives, for everything. There are things, people, our Spirit guides, Angels, God and The Universe that really are always helping you, always. You may not see them but they are always there with you, helping you and guiding you through your life. & when you feel alone, you are truly never alone in your life, because they are there with you, and plants and animals are always around us. You yourself have a team that is there helping you through your life. And when you need it feel free to talk to them or ask them for a sign and they will send you one! But they are always sending you signs. & for me when I get signs from the Universe, God, my Spirit Guides, my Dad, Angels, or anything or anyone else that is helping me, I give so much thanks for showing me that I am exactly where I am meant to be in my life right at that very moment. Gratitude is powerful, because the universe is always working in your favor. 

The third thing I would say is don’t overextend yourself. Don’t keep pushing if your body is telling you to stop, in anything in life. When your body/mind/spirit/soul feels tired, listen to it and give yourself a break. When you overextend yourself you become so exhausted that when you finally get home to relax, you may not have time to relax. Listen to your body in the moment and take a break if you’re tired, and if you’re hungry you should definitely eat something. Your body is a temple that you should take care of because it does so much more for us than anyone even realizes, there are tons of things our bodies do that we still don’t know about! This is one that I am still working on because it is hard in this society. Everyone is always saying that we always need to be doing things and we don’t. Doing things at your own speed is perfectly fine. 
       We are all in life at different stages and you can’t judge yourself for not being where you thought you would be at this stage in your life. Just because all of your friends are getting married, having kids and starting a family (I know the pressure), doesn’t mean that you have to. You live your life the way you want to! You do not have to be following what everyone else is doing. Life is unfolding for you in different ways, ways you can’t even see. Because “The Universe is always working in your favor, always.” So give yourself a break sometimes, because you deserve it and you should be 100% proud of yourself for how far you’ve come in your life. For me I am 100% fucking proud of where I am right now in life. So on days where you feel like you are behind in life (you are not), don’t forget to take a break and realize “I am fucking proud of myself for where I am in my life right now“. Repeat that out loud, right now. And keep reminding yourself how great you are.

Incredibly grateful for my life.

The fourth thing I do is to sit with my thoughts. Just sit there and observe them. This is a form of Meditation to sit there and observe where your mind goes. This form of Meditation is a powerful one because this one is not easy at all. We get so used to scrolling on social media, get so busy at work, get busy with always hanging out with friends and always going out to dinner or drinking, really just busy with our lives that many people don’t take the time to sit there and be with your thoughts or meditate. It can be scary but I have found that this has really freed me from a lot of over-thinking things that I used to. If I take at least 5 mins a day to sit with my thoughts and observe where they go, it sets me up for more peace for myself the rest of the day and my life.
I try to meditate, even guided meditations when I feel my mind is really wandering, for at least 10 mins, because I know I can spend at least 10 mins of my day doing it. You do not need to spend 10 mins or even 5 min if you want to try meditating. Just doing what you can will help you in the long run. Remember your life is meant to be lived! Don’t spend too much time doing something that might be hard for you in the beginning or something you don’t enjoy. I have found that this has helped me immensely to become more peaceful with myself and more peaceful with situations that used to be stressful to me. But I have also realized when you start to change things in your life, you realize you don’t react to things that you used to react to. You don’t spend energy reacting to things that may have triggered you in your past. It’s an extremely freeing feeling when you can recognize that the things that caused you to be stressed in your past, no longer causes you stress now, and that you can actually figure things out so much more when you are at a state of peace with yourself.

The last one is affirmations! These are powerful (just like everything else I have mentioned) to use, if you believe. Believing and having faith are the keys to affirmations. If you have a hard time believing what you are saying, let me give you an example. When you were a kid you believed in Santa Clause, right? You believed in something, someone you never saw. (well, alright you saw mall Santa’s and movies with Santa Clause in them). You just believed that if you were good, you would get presents from Santa. Sure what made you believe even more is that you did wake up to presents on Christmas morning but you believed in him because the presents showed up. Affirmations are the same concept. You don’t need to see anything to believe that it is true. The mind is so much more powerful than you know. Whatever you tell yourself, negative or positive, you will believe it. Most people are in their minds throughout most of their day (Well, not everyone, because not everyone has a mind like I do). So, why not make your mind the most positive place to be. You are with yourself every single day, and no one else. You are the most amazing person you know, keep reminding yourself that each and every day. Say out loud “I am the most amazing person I know, and I deserve the most amazing life!” One of my favorite affirmations to say “The Universe is always working in my favor.” Because the Universe is truly always working in your favor. When you say it, believe it, really believe and feel that it is true for you.

The last point I want to say is if you want to change your life, the things that are worthwhile in life are not going to be easy and are not quick fixes that happen overnight. You can’t take a pill and magically see all of the changes you want to see, because life doesn’t work that way. It takes time and dedication to change yourself, things take time. But what I can say is if you are motivated to change, it will be 100% worth it, worth everything. & don’t forget to have compassion for yourself when you hit roadblocks. & remember thoughts are just thoughts, nothing more. They don’t have to define who you are. When the negative thoughts come in your mind, sit with them, observe them and let them flow through you.

These are my opinions and what has helped me find a more peaceful and high vibing life. You do not have to incorporate anything or do anything that I mention. Because everyone is different and you do what is right for you! Whatever you feel or whatever calls to you, feel free to do it or use it.

        Finally, on days where you truly are negative and feel you can’t get out of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, just do all that you can do and know that that is enough for you in that moment. & remember that these feelings won’t last forever, and try to do something that brings you joy. There is so much in this life to be grateful for. Remember to be calm, take breaks and have compassion for yourself when you aren’t feeling your best self. You can do anything you put your mind to, and if changing your life completely was easy, everyone would’ve done it already. Things will take timedon’t rush anythingyou will get therehave faithtrust the process and trust the Universe/God or whoever/whatever you believe in is working out for you. Life is working out for you, so keep going with whatever you want to accomplish. It always starts with one change, and once you make that one change, it sets off a reaction of new things coming your way. I didn’t do all of these overnight, but once I made one change everything else happened to follow. 

My question to you is, “What do you do on days where you don’t feel like yourself?”

Much Love,

2 thoughts on “Days When I Don’t Feel Like My Best Self

  1. So many great points here. I myself have felt tremendous change just by exercising more and maintaining a more reasonable diet. I think before we try certain ‘miracle’ things like wearing special beads or using scent diffusers, we should first spend most of our efforts on moving more and eating well. Thanks for this post!

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