No One Ever Grows from Comfort Zones…

“The things that scare you to do, aren’t those the things worth doing?”

While scrolling through TikTok (again…) I got some inspiration to try something different. A guy asked a series of questions and told you to write down your answers. Then at the end of the video he says to use all of the words and put them together in a poem, short story, song, or whatever creative idea that you want to use. I decided why not give this a try. I am no writer be any means but I decided to do a poem in my own way. I do feel to get the complete impact of my words, I should do a video of me reading it. But for now I will share it with you.

“Today, I feel okay, no real feelings, just okay. I know there are days ahead where I will feel complete joy, on top of the world, and simply amazing. But right now, I only feel just okay. And on the days when I feel just okay, I like to think of the ocean, the waves, and I start to feel like I am there, at Wells Beach. I feel the soft sand and the cool ocean beneath my feet, I hear the waves crashing, I feel the sun warming my skin, I smell the salty sea air and I see the sandpipers running along the edge of the ocean, you know those cute little birds that run along the waters edge. This feeling, the feeling of being on the beach, gives me hope. Hope that better days are ahead. Hope that I can get through whatever I am feeling at this very moment. Hope that this won’t last, because things change. Hope that I am becoming a better me. A hope that I am on the path I am meant to be on. The kindness and compassion that Medical Medium gives out to others to help them heal is what gives me hope, a hope in humanity. A hope that there are kind people in the world. But right now, right in this very moment, I feel just okay. And it is okay to feel just okay because my little glimmer of hope gives me faith that I am going to be okay. “

Sunrise in South Florida

This right here, is out of my comfort zone. I am not a writer, and trying something that I know I might not be good at and posting it, does give me a bit of fear. Mostly a fear of being judged. But isn’t that where you learn the most about yourself? The things that scare you to do, aren’t those the things worth doing? The fear that I have about being judged shouldn’t keep me from trying new things that are outside my comfort zone (Just like it shouldn’t keep you from trying something new). I am learning every day to try something new and outside my comfort zone, because no one ever learned from staying comfortable in life. You have to take risks in life, to learn, to grow, to really see how amazing you are. Because you won’t know how amazing you are unless you go out there and try.

One of the things that I have tried within the last year that scared me, was singing. I have always sang by myself in the car and in the shower, but never for anyone else to hear. I never thought that my voice was good enough to sing. But I decided to do a TikTok with someone playing a portion of one of my favorite Coldplay songs on the piano. And I posted it. I was scared to post it, but it was a way of letting go of some of my emotions. I was scared of what others would think of me, but I still posted it. Because why not? That thing that you’ve been thinking of posting or doing, but you’re afraid of others opinions, DO IT. Who cares what others think. If it is something that brings you joy, like singing, being kind to others, or dancing, just do it. Because you might inspire others to do something out of their comfort zone.

What is one thing that you’ve wanted to do, but are scared of doing? This is me telling you to do it, go out there and accomplish your dreams! Because what if it turns out better than you could’ve ever expected?

Much Love,

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