Prayer Circle on a Sunday

“It’s true when people say there is strength in numbers.”

Today, I joined a live Prayer Circle (this link is to watch it if it calls to you) on Instagram hosted by Muneeza with homegrownhealers and Amber Stone. These three are part of the Medical Medium Community trying to help heal those around the world. Throughout this live, each of them said prayers to help to heal the earth, help heal everyone, and to help restore faith in those who have lost it. There was so much that was spoken of, so much that resonated with me and others that were listening to it. At points I was crying, crying for those who are suffering, crying for my own struggles, and crying because this group of people, no matter how small, are making an impact in helping the world. I am grateful to be apart of a community that is helping the world in any way we can.

It’s true when people say there is strength in numbers. There may have only been around 300 people on that Live, but we came together collectively to help heal and say prayers for ourselves and the world. There are people in the world that are here to help to heal one another. One of my goals for me this year is to leave a place or person better than when I entered. That’s what I’ve been striving to do ever since I started my healing journey and now I make this apart of my daily life. This world needs more love, kindness and peace spread to everyone. Love is what drives out hate. Love is what makes the darkness in this world disappear. We all need love, just like the Beatles song “All You Need Is Love”, all any of us needs is love.

So today I ask you to show some love and kindness in this world, whether it be to do something nice for someone, meditate on love and peace for the world, pray out loud to help others, do something kind to the earth we live on, donate to a charity or whatever it is that you feel brings love, kindness and peace back to the people and the planet. Even if it is something little, you never know who or what you could be impacting. When you start to heal yourself, you start to heal the world and others around you.

Below is a TikTok video I did of a meditation that I do to help spread more love to the world. I got the meditation out of the book Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza. This is a great book to read to help you realize how powerful your mind truly is.

As always,

Much Love,

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