There Is No Need to Rush

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu

The last couple of weeks I’ve been exploring different parts of the surrounding Boston area. Mostly in nature because that’s where I feel most at peace. I ventured out to the ocean one day, and have been walking around the parks in my area. Most days I’ve been walking around a park along the Charles River, to get to know the area better. And obviously being outside more when the sun is out, gotta get that Vitamin D.

The last couple of days it’s been getting warmer. Today, as I am writing this post, it is 60 degrees here (but as I post this, it is 33 degrees and snowed yesterday). And while it’s getting warmer, I’ve noticed a variety of birds have been hanging out, rummaging through the wooded areas, especially Robins. I was curious, so I stopped and watched a group of them throwing leaves around. At first, I thought that they were looking for materials for their nests. But then I realized maybe they’re looking for food? Each Robin was doing the exact same thing, and of course to me, they all looked the same. Even though I do not know what their motives are for throwing these leaves around (maybe someone can tell me why, or teach me something new about birds), it made me happy to sit and watch these Robins doing things for themselves and doing things for their families to survive.

One of the Robins scavenging for something.

I was in the present moment, meditating in my own way, while watching these birds. I felt most at peace at realizing there is no hurry in life. A quote by Lao Tzu came to mind “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” I feel we are the only species that is in a constant rush, constantly scrolling through our screens, always looking for the quickest way to do things. I feel this is not what life is meant to be about, always being in a rush, always trying to get things done quickly. I know when I rush to get things done I will always make mistakes and it starts to make me feel stressed. We don’t need to rush for anything or to be anywhere in life. It is okay to take some time for yourself to rest, just to be in the present moment. We all make it to the place that we need to be, everything will get done and there is no hurry to get anywhere or to do anything.

As I was leaving the scavenging Robins I said out loud, “You birds know that it’s not Spring yet, right?” I am sure the birds that inhabit New England are used to the ‘wicked’ (New England term) weather patterns. I chuckled a bit, as I left them to their leaf flipping. Although, I am glad I have been seeing more and more birds out, because to me it means that Spring is Just Around the Riverbend. (Had to put a Pocahontas reference in here) But of course we can still get snow into the month of May, so I’ll just patiently wait for those beautiful Spring days.

I love the ocean

I have peace, knowing that everything, like in nature, will get done, so there is no need to rush in life. Everything happens in Divine Timing. Enjoy the present moment, because it really is all we have. These Robins are living in the now, not worrying about what comes tomorrow. So, what have you taken the time to stop and appreciate in nature today?

Much Love,

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