Exploring Boston

“If you stop a look around, you see that art is everywhere around you.”

Waterworks Museum

While I have more time on my hands than I thought I would in Boston, I decided for one full day a week, I get to do something fun for myself. Which is to explore Boston and the surrounding areas! I’ve explored Boston when I was in college, but seeing this city as the person I am now, is so much different, almost better. So far I’ve hit up the Museum of Fine Arts, the Waterworks Museum, and the Downtown Library in Copley Square. (And tons of parks and walking trails of course)

Museum of Fine Arts

The Waterworks Museum is free to explore and get a guided tour. I was really taken aback to hear that Boston was still using these steam engines to bring water to the city into the late ’70s, specifically 1978. Now that is impressive that some of the steam engines were still running until then. I was impressed with the architecture of the brick building and of these impressive steam engines. It is pretty remarkable hearing of the challenges the builders had when making these engines to pump water into the city and how they created solutions to them. The engines that were used are two Holly-Gaskill pumping engines that could pump eight million gallons each per day, the Leavitt pumping engine, the Allis engine, and Worthington-Snow pumping engine. In the museum they also had tools they used to put these engines together, and boy were they heavier than I expected and much bigger than I am used to seeing. Even some of the parts of the machines were extremely heavy. This was a cool museum to check out if you’re ever in the area. (Waterworks Museum)

One of the displays of Art of Europe

The Museum of Fine Art was the next one I happened to check out. I didn’t get a tour here, but I did walk around and look at everything on my own time. The free day for this museum is on Wednesday night after 4pm (But a suggested donation is recommended). Art is a visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination. (Britannica) Art can be anything that you see as creative. The museums architecture is a work of art on its own. Architecture to me, is a kind of art that I appreciate, and it is remarkable that someone had a view of what this building was going to look like before it was built. The beautiful stone work and paintings in the ceiling when you first walk in, and a big beautiful stair case leading up to the second floor. I’m just amazed at the building itself, before I even looked at the art work on display. I was able to see a few pieces from Van Gough, and Monet which are artists that I’ve come to admire more recently. But what really captured my eyes are the marble sculptures from Ancient Greece and Rome, those are breathtaking of how realistic they look. For artists to have created art out of a big piece of stone is mind blowing to me almost impossible. But I guess, things seem impossible until they are done.

One of the displays of Art of Ancient Greece and Rome, where an artist was drawing a sculpture.

Things that have been preserved and created in the past are just simply magnificent. There is so much talent that has happened over the years, and different techniques from different eras. One room had many paintings of the same waterfall that I immediately knew was Niagara Falls, which must have been a popular landscape at a point in time. (I lived in Rochester, NY for 7 years so I had some time to explore Buffalo, and get a tour of Niagara Falls one summer). There are displays from Ancient Egypt, Art of Asia, Art of Europe and so many more. When I look at the paintings and pieces from long ago, I try to picture what life was like back then. I try to picture myself living in that era, of what it would be like to watch Monet paint or to see Michelangelo sculpting. Art now-a-days is so much different than what it used to be, but it’s also the same. Art may not look the same, but I think it has the same concept as it did back then. If you stop a look around, you see that art is everywhere around you.

Different flutes over the years in the Musical Instruments display.

What I didn’t realize, is that you could come here to sketch. An artist was sketching a sculpture, which was absolutely beautiful. Although I am sure that you have to get permission from the museum to be able to do that. But the one display that caught me by surprise was the Musical Instruments. Being able to see how instruments have changed over the years was so cool to see. Especially the display of flutes, mostly because I play the flute. I knew that there were wooden flutes, and it makes sense why wood wouldn’t be a good material to use, because of the moisture that can ruin it over time (not to say that a silver flute wouldn’t get ruined over time, but maybe not as quickly). But I didn’t know that there was a flute made of glass. I would have loved to play the glass flute, to see the differences from my silver flute. The sound, how to play a different material, it would be a fun challenge for me. This goes to show how much things have changed over the years, from the art work, to the instruments, to the whole world.

If you couldn’t tell, this museum has been my favorite so far. So many exciting things to see and learn about in this museum, and good knowledge for trivia too. (Well if I can remember it all) (Museum of Fine Arts Boston)

Central Library in Copley Square

The Downtown Central Library. If you knew me in college, you would know that the library was my second home, seriously. If you couldn’t find me at home or in my room and I wasn’t picking up my phone, chances are you could find me in the library. I love libraries. When I first moved to Rochester I was still in school, and I ended up going to so many different libraries when I was there. RGH and URMC Library, U of R Library (this one was beautiful and by far my favorite), Penefield Public library, Henrietta Public Library, and Brighton Public Library just to name a few. Libraries are free to visit, to walk around, to explore, to read a book, and to study or to do work. At the Central Downtown Library in Boston, I was taken aback by the architecture on the outside and the inside, truly beautiful. As I was walking around, exploring, there happened to be a beautiful Courtyard in the middle of the building. Where people were enjoying their lunches in the sun, connecting with friends, or reading a book. The reason I went to this library was because I wanted to see a free violin concert, and what better place to listen to music in, than in a library? I love music and have always admired the violin (not an easy instrument to learn) and having a little concert in a library made it 10x better. (Central Library Copley Square)

So far I have enjoyed my time here in Boston, but I have so much more to explore. If you have any places or recommendations that I should check out in the Boston area, feel free to let me know, I would love to go to them!

The Courtyard in the middle of the Library

Where have you explored in your area?

Much Love,

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