It’s Been a While…

“…but I believe we chose to be here on Earth at this very moment to learn how to live fully, to enjoy the little things in life, and really enjoy every waking moment that we are alive.”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been taking a little break to work on myself and figure out what’s best for me. Basically I’ve been a little selfish, haha. Aren’t we all aloud to be a little selfish every once in a while? While I’m being selfish, I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to take this break, really spend time with family and friends, to be able to help anyone who needs a helping hand and to just really enjoy being me, being happy.

I feel it’s the first time in a really long time that I feel that I am genuinely happy, living life each day with the intention of being present for every moment that I am alive. I mean who knows when I’ll have the opportunity to do this again? So I am taking advantage of living my life to the fullest while it’s summer time in the Northeast. At the moment I don’t have a “job” or “career” that everyone keeps asking me about. They keep asking me what’s next, what are you planning on doing, why aren’t you working, what are your “career” plans or haven’t you found a “job” yet? And with these questions that I’m asked, I do start to get in my head, doubting that the path I am choosing is even the right one.

I don’t believe in doing the whole “9-5” thing anymore. I don’t believe going to a job that is unfulfilling, working 8-10 hours a day, just to make a little bit of money, to hopefully pay the bills, I don’t believe this is really the way to go on living. I believe that there is more to life than doing a “job”. I feel we’ve been made to believe that we have to work in order to live. I don’t believe this is true. I was overworked, and underpaid especially with all of the pathogens I was exposed to/working with at work (E. coli, Salmonella, TB, Flu A/B just to name a few) and never felt appreciated for how much time, effort and overtime I put towards that “job”. At the “corporate job” I worked at, I felt I had lost myself, my soul. I had lost myself so much, my light was no longer shining brightly. I had lost myself so much, I was disconnected from who I truly am, and I didn’t have a clue as to who I was anymore.

For years, I never knew who I truly was or what I even wanted or desired in my life. Changing my whole lifestyle really helped me to see that this “job”, that I thought I would do the rest of my life, really wasn’t for me anymore. I knew I had to leave and get out of a place that felt so toxic to me. (Which I am extremely grateful that I did, because life started really happening for me and amazing opportunities came my way). But coming into the present day (Now that the universe had finally kicked me out of that “job”), without making some kind of income (I believe everything is energy, money included, and it comes and goes depending on your vibration, but that’s a topic for another post) it’s easy to get in a state of fear that I should be doing a job, even if it doesn’t resonate with me, just to be making money. Yes money can definitely help, but I believe we chose to be here on Earth at this very moment to learn how to live fully, to enjoy the little things in life, and really enjoy every waking moment that we are alive.

While I may not have found something that lights me up, that I truly love to do yet, I know without a doubt that these moments that I’ve had this summer to hang out with family and friends have meant so much to me. The moments where I am forced to deal with old feelings and situations have helped me to become the person I desire to become. And If I were working that “job” I wouldn’t be able to “request time off” because I wouldn’t have worked enough hours to get this much time off. So very grateful for the universe and all its wonder.

Show me universe how life gets better, how does life get any better than this?

Much Love,

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