Healing Journey (Part Dos)

“…we are all aloud to live our own lives with our own views and opinions.

My Brother just got married this past weekend. and it was such a blast! I had so much fun connecting with family members that I haven’t seen in years. (Especially on my Dad’s side of the family). For those of you who don’t know, (Or haven’t read my blog post) my Dad passed away 28 years ago. I was 3 years old and my brother was 1 when he passed. For the past couple of years I have been working on healing my inner child and healing traumas that I have held onto for years. Part of that healing has been healing my relationship with my Dad. I was three years old when he never came back home. I personally can’t remember stories of him, but I know my three year old self had a wonderful relationship with him. And to have him not come back and to not understand why he wasn’t coming back, I’m sure was hard to understand at such a young age.

Growing up without a father has impacted my life in so many ways. Last year I took a healing journey with Brett J. Peters (I’ll tag his instagram) and it made me change the way I think of my relationship with my father. It truly was the best decision to take sessions with him. He had phrased his passing as “What if this is the best way he could love you? What if his passing was his way of becoming closer to you more than ever?” And it changed my perspective on my fathers passing. I truly believe he is here with me every day (even as I write this post). Having those sessions with him really helped me to heal that relationship with him. I am forever grateful for being alive everyday experiencing everything I get to experience. I wouldn’t be here without my father so I am grateful to hear so many wonderful stories of him growing up from his cousins, brother and sister, and his Dad (my grandpa). To be able to connect with my Dad’s side of the family was really great. I really felt I was in the right place at the right time. My Dad’s brother is really great, and must have some of the same qualities as my Dad. I will forever cherish the times that I’ve been able to hang out with them and get to know them even more.

Yes there are some family members and friends that I may not connect with anymore, and that is okay. It doesn’t mean that they are terrible people, in fact they are really great people some of the most amazing people I know! We just view things in life in a totally different capacity. And it is okay, we are all aloud to live our own lives with our own views and opinions. I love my family and friends and have been grateful for them while going through my life and this healing journey. But I eventually know people will stop hanging out with me because of my views and my opinions. And this is okay, because we are aloud to live our life the way we desire.

My brothers Wedding was really awesome and amazing. I am so grateful for them having a huge wedding celebration of him and my new sister-in-law (The Other Katie Dietsche). I didn’t drink (because I haven’t drank for 2 years) and it was one of my favorite times in my life. I’ll share some of my favorite photos from the week. I am truly proud of my brother and the man he’s become. He definitely has matured so much and it makes me a proud sister to have watched him grow up and become who he is today. I’m proud of you little bro, keep being you, because the world needs more of you.

Much Love,

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