Woodstock Fruit Festival


This time last year I was looking at all the videos and pictures of everyone having the most amazing time at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Everyone glowing, living their best life while eating an abundance of high-vibing fruits and vegetables. I was incredibly jealous and decided to buy a ticket right then and there. The funny thing was, I didn’t realize how close the festival was to where I was from. But little did I know what I had gotten myself into.

I kept this trip a secret from everyone I knew. No one I personally know eats the way I do or lives my lifestyle (Until I met people at this Festival). I’ve had people tell me I’m in a cult, that I’m not getting enough protein, that I eat too much sugar, and the list goes on about people criticizing me on my lifestyle. And as it got closer to the week of the festival, I realized I was starting to have some anxiety and not sleeping much. I started having so many doubts creep in saying things like “You don’t know anyone going, no one is going to accept you, or what if no one likes you.” I tried not to listen to those thoughts because I knew they weren’t real. But when I was driving to the festival, those thoughts hit me like a brick wall and I felt scared and started crying. But I knew deep down that these were just thoughts, and I drowned them out with my favorite music for the trip down. I was still scared driving up to the camp, but once I stepped out of my car, I immediately felt that this was going to be one of the best decisions I had made over a year ago.

If you know, you know. #durian

One of my favorite memories I had was when I was hiking. On the way up to the top, I spoke with a man named Dennis, and boy did the conversation help me in more ways than I realized. Everything we spoke about really resonated with me to my core and were great reminders of that I am exactly where I am meant to be and that I am on the path I am meant to be on. One thing that he said, which I have heard a lot but it truly didn’t hit home until he said it. It was something along the lines of “You need to do the things that scare you, because that’s where you’ll learn the most about yourself and what you’re capable of.” (If you’re ever reading this Dennis, Thank you for that Hike! & I hope your business you’re starting, the school, is going amazing!!). After the hike I tried to take it all in and tried to understand where my fear was holding me back from doing things that scared me. Although, this told me I still have work to do with myself, and to work on things that scare me more. (Like going to this festival). Because what if it’s the best decision that you’ve ever made in your life? Because what have you got to lose? Because you never know, until you try.

Our view from the Quarantine/Sick Cabin that my cabin-mates and I stayed in for the week.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the experience. The people. The people are the most compassionate, amazing, welcoming, open, and LOVING people I have ever met. I truly felt so much love from everyone. I am so grateful for all of the friendships I have made, all of the volunteers, and everyone who puts this event together. There were dance parties every day and I loved it. I did yoga, went for a hike, played volleyball, participated in a ton of meditations and breathing practices, made sure to go to the campfires for the music and to gaze at the stars, always made sure to get fresh coconut water, participated in the Dead Sea Mud Party, and I swam and played on the big inflatables on the lake. It wasn’t just a festival about fruit, it was about connections and community and so much more. The one thing I took away from this week is just how much I learned about myself. I started to break down my walls and open my heart to total strangers and showed up as my authentic self. The people here didn’t judge me, they accepted me for who I truly was and I am so grateful to have experienced this and realize there are more amazing people I have yet to meet.

The best Cabin-mates I could’ve asked for!

I could go on and on about how amazing this festival was. If this kind of festival seems intriguing to you, you should 100% check out The Woodstock Fruit Festival. I’m still running on the high from the festival, and I plan to keep it. I didn’t want the magic to end, so I ended up traveling down to the city for the Fruitluck that they were having in Central Park. Luckily I have friends that I allowed me to crash at their place in the city while I could go hang out with more people from the festival and exchange fruit and to meet more people from the festival.

NYC Fruitluck!

Life is a journey. & this Festival has made my journey even more enjoyable. I have never received so many hugs in my life from so many amazing people, and I’m already missing all of the hugs. I am so grateful that I took the leap of faith to go to this festival. Doing things that scare you, doing things that are outside your comfort zone, really makes you feel alive. & if I keep with this feeling of the things that scare me, really help me to grow and learn about how strong I am and that I can do anything in my life. I have to push past the fears, doubts and negative talk. Because it’s okay to be scared to take that jump into the unknown, because it means you’re doing something right.

Until next year Woodstock,
Much Love,

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