Sunrise & Sunset


I have always, always, always loved sunrises. I’ve called myself a #suckerforsunrises ever since I could remember. I’ve always been an early bird, always awake before the sun. It’s my favorite time since not many people are awake at this hour; it’s so quiet. I tend to be the most productive at this hour. I’ve always admired how bright it is before the sun even rises. The yellows, oranges, pinks, blues and purples take my breath away. Whenever I visit Maine you can catch me watching the sunrise on the ocean. I think for me watching the sunrise allows me time to reflect on my life. I realize that it is a brand new day full of new opportunities.

But more recently I have been admiring more sunsets than sunrises these days. I’ve been allowing myself to sleep in and wake up whenever my body feels like it. I feel this has been much needed. As much as I love a good sunrise, the more I realize I value a good nights sleep. Sometimes to get up for a sunrise during the summer requires me to wake up at 4 in the morning. Years ago when I was doing Crossfit, going to college full time, working two jobs all while living at home, I would get up a little before 4am to make the 5:30am Crossfit class time, since that was the only class I could make. Now-a-days if my body needs rest, I listen to it and rest. But there are still moments that I will get up for a sunrise, because I still love to watch the sun come up.

Sunset in BTV

Sunsets are becoming apart of my routine most nights (mostly when it isn’t raining out). Every time I watch a sunrise or sunset with clouds, it adds more colors for the light of the sun to play off of. Medical Medium often talks about calling on the Angel of Trust during sunsets. So I’ve been doing just that, calling upon her out loud and watching as the sun goes down. Growing up, I never prayed much, or never really learned how to. It wasn’t until I switched my lifestyle and started really reading Medical Medium’s books was when I started to pray more to the Universe, Source, Light, Angels, or whatever you desire to call what you believe in. In his books he lists 27 Essential Angels, and Unknown Angels as well that we can all pray to or call to in whatever way we feel or need. & for now, I’ve realized that sunsets are just as important as sunrises.

Even though the sun is going down and the light is going away, I start to feel hope. A hope that tomorrow is going to be an amazing day. The colors I see at the end of the day are different than the colors at the beginning. It’s a bittersweet ending to a day to sit and watch a sunset. Just like a sunrise, a sunset brings me back to the present moment. Brings me to appreciate just how wonderful this life truly is. The beauty of both sunrises and sunsets really makes me stop and appreciate all of the beauty in this world, that I can see and admire all of this beauty.

Sunset over Canada

I’ve been fortunate to be able to have this time to heal, to help others, and to take the time to admire the sunrises and sunsets and the stars and the moon and the bright blue skies. It’s been taking me a while to come back to myself, since I moved back to the house that I grew up in. It brings back memories and feelings and emotions that I had living here. I’ve been working through them noticing them, and trying to change the way I react to things. It’s been a learning curve for me to be here, but the sunsets have really been helping me to take a moment to just breathe and realize you are here, right now, watching this and no where else. All of my problems and troubles seem to melt away when I am watching either one.

I hope you get to take the time to admire a sunrise or sunset or both today.

The light is best when the sun rises & sets.

Much Love,

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