Dream Life


Yesterday, after work I noticed a friend doing a live with a friend of his and I decided to hop on while I was in the process of prepping my food. & one of his answers has stuck with me since. He had talked about his time in Hawaii when he lived there and why he’s moved back to the city where he’s from. After 2 years of being there, he lived on a farm, composting, hanging out with plants, eating an abundance of fruit (I’m assuming), being a beach bum, watching sunrises and sunsets. But ultimately he didn’t feel that he was satisfied, or happy. What I grasped from his answer, was that he felt he didn’t have the correct mindset, or a sense of purpose for himself while he was there. (Although, I could have misinterpreted his answer, this is just my take away). He was living the life of his dreams, the one he dreamt about, and now he was there. But it seemed that maybe he felt that it wasn’t what he actually desired. And at the end of his two years, he was running out of money and moved back to his home city to pursue his career now.

I remember when I actually got to talking to him at the Fruitluck, he had mentioned living in Hawaii. And I immediately was like oh my god, did you love living there? I do remember him not being super enthusiastic about it, but I shook that assumption away. Mostly because I was probably talking too much, and I was excited to talk to him. I was immediately jealous, that someone was living part of my dream life, and I desired to know all about his experience and what he learned. But we ended up not talking that much after that initial conversation, so I never got to ask him more questions. When I heard his answer in the live, it made me start to question my life.

Hearing his answer made me start to question the dream life that I’ve been holding onto. When I achieve the dream life that I’ve been “manifesting” will it be all that I desired, how will I ultimately feel, will I even be grateful for it to be here? What if it’s not all it’s cracked up to be? What if I am not enthusiastic like my friend, and what if it isn’t meaningful or fulfilling? I started to have doubts upon doubts of the life that I desire to be living. I started to realize that these thoughts were exactly that, just thoughts, nothing more. Just because that was his experience, his life’s journey, doesn’t mean that, that is going to be my experience. Because my dream is totally possible (and different) and it doesn’t matter what it’s going to be like or how it’ll come to be. But I realized, in order for me to achieve it, I would need to start doing things and putting myself out there, and really start to embody the person I am destined to become.

What I’ve noticed more since keeping up with his story’s, is that he works extremely hard every day to create the life that he now lives, and that’s amazing. I love seeing people succeeding and fulfilling the life they truly desire to be living. It really makes me appreciate and know that I can have that kind of life too (if it calls to me). I guess in a way, it was a little bit of reality knocking at my door, trying to tell me to wake up. In order for me to live my dream life, I need to be doing more and really working towards being the best version of myself that I can be.

This past year so far has flown by, and although I feel like my life is at a stand-still, things are changing every day. (Everything changes, nothing stays the same.) I came across one TikTok that really hit home. It was a little excerpt from an interview from the School of Greatness (My favorite Podcast).

And here is the dialog from it:
– “You’re not as far away from these dreams as you think you are. And I said really dad. and he said No, you’re actually a lot closer than you think. But because you think it’s so far away, you behave in accordance with that belief system and it always keeps it that far away from you.
– How do we bring our dreams closer to us?
– That’s a great question. The first thing you need to believe and know that you’re one decision, one relationship, one meeting, one book, one thought, one something away from a completely different life. & when you know that, then you begin to look for them.”

This one TikTok really put things into perspective for me (since I haven’t listened to that podcast episode yet). That one video or picture you decide to post, that one quick decision to run to the store, or that out of the blue decision to take a trip, every choice we make in life, could change our lives completely. & when you start to think and believe in this way, then you start to realize your decisions and choices are opportunities to change your life. & then you start to believe and know that these choices could be the best decision in your life.

What are your thoughts on achieving and living your dream life?

Much Love,

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