All About Me!

The ocean is where my soul feels at home.


     I grew up in a small town in NY where you pretty much knew everyone (population of around 1200 people, clearly not very big) with my Mom, younger brother and our cat (Oscar at the time, now my mom has Ziti or lil’ chunk as I call her). My brother, although he is younger than me, looks older than me, which I think is due to his beard and his height (even though I’m 5’9″, he’s 6’2″). We’ve been mistaken for twins since we look so much alike. Growing up we always played outside regardless of the weather. Sun, rain, snow, you name it, we’d be outside.

Brother and Sister-in-Law

     After I graduated high school, I received two Bachelors, one in Community Health and one in Medical Technology. I was hired at the University of Rochester Medical Center where I worked in Clinical Microbiology for 5 years. I had a great experience working there and met a handful of great people who I still keep in touch with. Moving out of Rochester was a tough decision for me, but it was one that I knew in my heart I had to make. I have so many great memories from that city and I will cherish them and the people I met there. I then worked as a Traveling Medical Technologist with Cross Country Allied for 6 months at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. New Hampshire is by far my favorite place to live, being in the wilderness, the mountains, and so close to the ocean. Now I may not have any idea where my life is headed, but all I know is that it’s going to be great.

The ocean and sunrises are a few of my favorite things.

     I became plant-based back in October of 2020 due to some health problems (I usually say Vegan because it’s easier to explain to people, but I do eat honey, so I can’t technically call myself a Vegan). Specifically, I follow the Medical Medium protocols, which if you don’t know anything about him, Anthony William, I highly suggest you check him out. This way of life has completely helped my health immensely. I didn’t just change what I was eating, I started changing all of the products I used, how I view myself and the world, and trying to reduce my waste to help the planet. I started out being plant based for my health, but now I also stay for the animals. There are days where I simply feel amazing and can’t even remember feeling this good. &&& Celery Juice is my coffee every morning! Celery Juice is truly medicine and has helped my body come back to life (also the living, high vibe foods too =]). I truly believe plants are medicine and that food can heal you if you have the right information and tools to use. It has been a long journey, but an everlasting one for sure.

     For now I enjoy hiking, being outdoors, swimming in the ocean, playing any sport or board game, meditating, yoga, reading, the sun, hanging out with friends and family, journaling, watching the sunrise, taking pictures and so much more! I love learning new things so if you have any recommendations of something new I could learn send it over! Recently, I just learned how to solve a Rubik cube! 

I am so grateful for this life, the universe & all of the experiences I have had throughout my life that lead me to where I am right now. The world needs more kindness and love sent to everyone. Just know that you (Yes you, the person reading this) are exactly where you are meant to be in your life. I hope my page brings you hope, laughter, fun, joy, love and gratefulness. And I hope it helps you find peace within your own life and within yourself.

Much Love,