Grateful for Movement


Growing up, I was pretty active, whether playing sports, running or just being outside. When I was 18/19 I started to get into Crossfit. After my first class, I was hooked. Your body can do so much more than you think, especially when you can get past the mentality of ‘I can’t do it’. (This can be used in any situation, changing the narrative of ‘I can’t do it’, to ‘I can do it’) I did so many amazing things and could push my body in ways I didn’t think was possible, physically and even mentally. (It also helped when you had people cheering you on during a workout. Shout out to CFPA! Miss you guys) I even ran a Half Marathon after my Freshman year of college! But when my health started going down hill, I had to put Crossfit and any kind of workout on hold.

The owners at my gym at the time (during COVID) started to make workouts for us online and send them to us via email. Which was great because they made videos of what people could do at home without any equipment. Crossfit was my whole life, I lived and breathed Crossfit. I was always at the gym after work for a couple of hours after the class to work on certain movements to get better at them. It was my social outlet, it was my anger, anxiety, sad and any other emotional release outlet. Once my health started to decline, I realized my body couldn’t handle working out. I would pass out on my yoga mat, not because the workout was hard, but because I couldn’t do easy physical movements; I couldn’t even do the warm up. My body was slowly failing me and the stress of putting a workout on my body took a huge toll. So I knew I had to stop, doing Crossfit, Yoga, and even walking. I felt that I didn’t even know who I was without Crossfit in my life. But what I did know, was that my health became my number one priority.

A little too low for my squats, but I have always had good mobility.

I took about 6 months off of doing any kind of physical movement other than walking around at work. But during those 6 months on days when I would feel good, I would go up to the little gym at work and try to do a little version of an AMRAP (my favorite Crossfit workout) of a few movements just to get my body moving. And every time I did, my body couldn’t handle it. I would be so incredibly tired, too tired to really make anything to eat, my anxiety would come up in a flash and I would feel depressed. During those six months I really started to understand my body more and realize what was causing certain emotions, feelings and symptoms I would get. Once I realized my anxiety was coming back after working out, I knew I had to stop. The adrenaline was too much for my body to handle.

During the time of my 6 month hiatus of not working out, I really spent all my efforts on prepping meals and just fueling my body with the glucose that it had been craving my whole life. I read Medical Medium books like they were my life savers (because honestly they are). My body needed a break from working out. I knew in my heart that my body would eventually be strong again. When you are healing you need to take time off of working out. Your body can’t handle the stress of working out (all the adrenaline) and trying to detox at the same time.

My first big hike after changing to MM. The t-shirt tells you everything!

Slowly I started to get back into Yoga, (I do Yoga with Adriene because she is awesome). Just doing some of her easy 10-15min yoga sessions to get my body moving just a little. Then I added in walks, easy 1-3 mile walks depending on what I could handle at the time. Getting myself out in nature during my walks definitely gave me life. At the time I was so grateful to be able to move a little with walking and yoga. And my body was grateful for the break I gave it.

Today, I enjoy doing Yoga, walking, and even hiking (well hikes between 3-6 miles). Eventually when I’ve healed my body even more I would like to get back into Crossfit, not at the capacity that I used to, but taking a class every now and then. To me Crossfit wasn’t just the workouts (well they are pretty awesome) it was about the Community, all of the other people struggling with you, cheering you on. They all want to see you do your best and it is just a great community of like-minded people.

Cardigan Mountain

Everyone needs movement in their life. Its good for your physical, emotional and mental health! If you are stuck, stressed or anxious sometimes movement can help change your mood. Even just a quick walk outside can get your blood pumping and can help change your mood! Movement is so powerful, and I am grateful everyday that I can move my body. Your body (and Mind) are much stronger than you realize. I hope you find some kind of movement today!

Much Love,

For those of you that followed my Finger Incident here is an update! It is crazy what three weeks of healing can do:

Waking Up

“When you start questioning things, you start to realize that things are not as they seem to be.

A couple of months into following the Medical Medium Lifestyle, I slowly started to question things. Things that I thought were ‘right’ and things that I’ve been told my whole life. It wasn’t until my second 369 Original Cleanse (One of Medical Medium Cleanses) that I did with a small group of people, that I really started to question things.

I questioned everything. I questioned the food I was eating, the things I was watching, listening or reading to, the products I used, my job and all of the chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and so much more that we are exposed to daily. I questioned what I was using or consuming, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, soaps, sponges, tap water, TV and movies, commercials (on the TV, Pandora, or the radio), what was happening all around the world, all the food I ate, looking at every ingredient on any product I would buy (if I didn’t know how to pronounce it or know what it was, I wasn’t buying it.) I questioned everything, every single little thing that I was doing & I started realizing there is so much we don’t know or don’t realize what is really going on in our lives.

We are in a ‘fast’ paced environment, wanting everything so quickly and getting impatient when we don’t get it right this instant. We are in a society where everyone is on their phones a lot of the time, while they’re walking, when they wake up in the morning, before they fall asleep, pretty much most hours of the day. Always checking social media, emails, scrolling through TikTok, watching shows or things on youtube. Everything can be found on our phones. And the sad thing is most people would be lost without our phones (I know I would feel lost without it for certain things).

What will it take for you to realize how powerful you are?

Think back to a time where humans existed where none of this “stuff” existed. No cars, planes, trains, no phones, no internet, no 9-5 jobs, no processed greasy fast food, no medications, no electronics, no harmful chemicals, etc. Just us, animals, the earth and nature existed (well with other things visible and not visible to us too). None of this ‘stuff’ existed. Now a-days people are living such sedentary lives that they aren’t fully living up to the potential that they have. People now more than ever are chronically ill and ‘doctors and scientists’ can’t explain it or help their patients because they themselves don’t understand what is going on. (I am telling you Medical Medium information is saving lives everyday). We’re too busy over-working ourselves at a job, binge drinking alcohol, eating greasy fast-food, or staying up late partying to really stop and take a look around. We’re constantly glued to our phones, computers, TVs, that we aren’t fully immersed in anything that is around us in our environment, nature or our true selves. It’s almost as if we don’t know how to really socialize face to face anymore because we mostly hide behind our screens.

People have started to wake up and I know I am not the only one. There is so much that needs to change that people don’t even realize because they are just going along with what everybody else is doing. Because they think that’s the way to go, or because that’s the way we were told. I can’t blame them because I used to be there. I used always go along with others, never really questioning if it was right for me. There is so much that I used to do a year ago that no longer resonates with me. When you start questioning things, you start to realize that things are not as they seem to be.

With everything that is going on, I choose to be empowered every day, and to start standing up for what I believe in. Every day there are opportunities for you to make a choice with anything in your life. I choose to make my choices the most positive healing ones. To help uplift others and to help them heal. There is so much fear in this world that we need people who choose hope each and every day.

When will it be enough for you to start to question what is really going on in this world?

Much Love,

Healing My Finger

“Remember that you are strong, and your body is even stronger, and it will heal.

This past week I have been healing my finger with Lemon Juice, Celery Juice, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, oranges, zinc and B12, and icing it, sitting out in the sunshine when I could, and consuming tons of fruits and veggies. Moving my finger around to make sure blood and lymp are moving through it and to help get feeling back on some of my finger. Making sure I get plenty of sleep because, it’s an important piece with any healing. And believing that I can heal has helped me to create a positive mindset. Doing daily meditations has helped me to be more calm in situations and more calm around my healing.

Needless to say, I am doing great! My finger has come a long way since a week ago. I still have some pain if i rub it up against something. As well as there are some spots where I can’t feel anything on my finger, but I expect the feeling in my finger to come back in time. Things do take time so make sure during any healing process that you don’t rush it. Be patient and have compassion for yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Remember that you are strong, and your body is even stronger, and it will heal. With that being said I did start my period this week which does take a toll on my body, since a lot of the immune system is sent to help with my menstrual cycle. (MM Info) As long as I have compassion and self love for myself, my body will heal itself.

I am grateful for the doctor who stitched me up, the stitches did keep my skin from flapping around. But I am very proud that I didn’t take any advil, or put neosporin on it. Your body has more healing power than you realize. Your immune system is so much smarter than anything out there and it will help you. Remember to be true to yourself, no matter what happens. I am grateful for all of the healing tools available to me and all of the information out there on how to heal naturally. Fruits and vegetables work when you know how to use them. I am doing better than I was a week ago, even better than yesterday, and I make sure to keep moving forward. Until next week

Much Love,

ED Visit

Disclaimer: Some of the pictures could be graphic, so if you don’t want to look at them maybe skip this post.

The Most Important One: Believe You Can Heal. Your body responds to your thoughts, so make them positive ones!

So for this weeks post I thought I would talk about something different. My most recent visit to the Emergency Department. I was in the process of making my ornament for my Family Christmas Competition this year. I was trying to cut some tree bark with a very big sharp knife (When I say sharp it is my favorite knife from Pampered Chef that cuts through spaghetti squash like butter). I kept telling myself, ‘Remember Catherine this is a very sharp knife so be careful’ (Yes I was very stupid, I will admit to that, using a knife to cut some bark). The knife happened to slip the wrong way and cut down my left index finger. Luckily it wasn’t too bad of a cut, but bad enough that the bleeding wasn’t stopping and my wonderful roommate who is a nurse drove me to the hospital and stayed with me.

I am grateful for the doctors, PAs, and nurses who were working on a Sunday night in the ED. Without them I wouldn’t really know how to fix my finger or stop the bleeding. I do think western medicine serves a purpose in this way by helping fix people. They are good at what they do and the people that took care of me really do enjoy helping others. I truly believe Doctors, nurses, PAs, and other healthcare professionals really do want to help others. I am also grateful for the bunch of bananas I grabbed to snack on.

My finger still bleeding 2 hours after I cut it.

But what I didn’t like (which I could’ve said no to) was getting the numbing medicine for them to stitch my finger up. I didn’t like it mostly because I don’t know what is in that vial (since I was never shown the ingredients), that they used a topical antibiotic (never shown ingredients) and that the numbing medicine was injected into my system. I did sign for them to treat me so that is all on me. I also felt that I lost a lot of blood for me. The cut never stopped bleeding until he stitched me up. I know a lot of people would be like of thats totally fine to lose that much, but to me, that was a lot of blood that could be helping me right now.

Four stitches

But what I choose to do from now on to heal this cut will be following the Medical Medium recommendations. Which means no Ibuprofen or Advil or Neosporin or anything that is not natural to healing me. Celery Juice will be used to help this scar heal, because if it can heal me on the inside, it can definitely heal me on the outside. This means I will be posting about my healing story! Unfortunately, my body (my liver and immune system) will have to detox out the numbing medicine, and the topical antibiotic that they put on it and other things I was exposed to with an open wound. This may take a toll on my body since I am only a year into my healing journey. It might be 2 steps back for me, but I know I will bounce back and be healthier than ever, just you wait.

The recommendations from MM:
1. Warm and cold packs. I have already been icing my finger which I know helps inflammation. Definitely using this in my healing journey the next couple of weeks. he says to use it for 30 mins, twice a day.
2. Gentle movement of the injury. I will be trying to incorporate it a little starting tomorrow, even if its painful. I have to get blood and lymph flowing through it.
3. Healing Foods: Leafy greens like kale and spinach, oranges, wild blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, sweet potatoes, asparagus, atlantic sea dulse and grapes. ( I only listed the ones I am using)
4. Healing supplements: B12, Zinc, Vitamin C, Nettle Leaf(Traditional Medicinals), Magnesium Glycinate, Spirulina, Cat’s Claw, and lemon balm. (Mostly Vimergy products) (I only listed the things that I will be using and have access too.)
5. The Most Important One, Believe You Can Heal. As MM says (and so do many others) Your body responds to your thoughts, so make them positive ones!

Life is always going to throw curve balls. It’s how you deal with those curve balls that really makes the difference. You can choose to be upset, mad and frustrated at the situation, or you can choose to use it as a learning experience and be grateful for what you have. It is really all about mindset, so I am going to choose to believe that I will heal fast by using my kind of medicine.

Much Love,

How I Found Medical Medium and Spirit of Compassion

“I am so incredibly grateful for Anthony Williams and Spirit of Compassion.”

Beginning of September 2020 I was headed home for one of my best friends weddings and was trying to find a podcast about health. At this point in my life, (I had COVID back in March of 2020 and my health was never the same after) I was really struggling with health issues and wasn’t getting any better. 

Here is a list of what I was dealing with:
1. terrible digestive issues heart burn and acid reflux 
2. bloating, terrible gas pains, constipated
3. everything was smelling and tasting like burnt chemicals
4. panic attacks, anxious all the time 
5. terrible anxiety ( I have had my whole life, but became much worse) 
6. Irregular periods with heavy bleeding, breakouts, extremely tender breasts, awful cramps, diarrhea (or period poops as some call it), never needing a lot of sleep during my period (I was on birth control but I had taken Plan B back in February of 2020 and my pharmacy at the time stopped carrying the birth control I had used and switched mine which made my symptoms worse)
7. Not sleeping a lot, restless legs my whole life (which I thought was normal and that everyone had them)
8. Lost a ton of weight with in such a short amount of time (I had previously gained weight from an anxiety medication I was put on. I gained about 50 pounds extra, but I have always been thin my whole life)
9. Bruising even more easily than I ever had (I’ve always bruised easily)
10. Acne
11. Would get extremely tired out of no where and pass out or feel I was going to pass out (I would get these driving on long drives and it was awful almost falling asleep at the wheel) 
12. My trichotillomania was getting worse (A topic that will be for another post)
13. I was losing hair and it became very thin and brittle
14. My nails were brittle
15. Heart Palpitations
16. Muscle spasms
17. Eye twitches
18. This awful cough that I couldn’t get rid of (that I had for about a year at this point)
19. So much mucus/phlegm 
20. My nose would run every time I ate, or even when I would work out
21. Brain Fog and couldn’t remember things
22. I would get extremely cold, freezing hands and feet (which I had since I was little and also thought this was normal)
23. Never had a good nights sleep, I would always wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes not able to fall back asleep or just never be able to fall asleep
24. Generally fatigued all the time

& these are just the symptoms I can remember. With that being said I have had a lot of these issues my whole life, they became much worse after having COVID. ( I almost think it accelerated my health issues that would have been much worse later on in my life.)

(A little background: At this point I had already stopped drinking alcohol for about a month, a GI specialist I was seeing had put me on a Proton Pump Inhibitor, Omeprazole, to ‘help’ reduce my stomach acid (which didn’t help any of my digestive symptoms and made them extremely worse). People were trying to help me out and give me suggestions of things to try which I did, but none of them helped.)

I happened to be looking at The School of Greatness for some of his health guest interviews for my car drive home. Episode 920: The Medical Medium Know Whats Wrong so You Can Fix it with Anthony William caught my eye. I read a little bit about what they were going to talk about and I thought why not listen to this. I listened to it once, than another time, and then again, and before I knew it, I listened to this podcast my whole 6 hour drive home. I couldn’t believe how much I resonated with this interview. I felt I found something that could help me when nothing else had at this point. (My body felt like it was failing me, doctors said I was ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’; I knew I wasn’t and I was desperate to try anything.) In the podcast he mentions celery juice and how it can really help anyone. Before I got home I stopped at the grocery store to get some bunches of Celery to juice it because I knew I had a juicer at my moms house that I hadn’t used in years. I didn’t know it, but this was when I started on my healing journey. & it all started with Celery Juice.

My first picture with Celery Juice!

I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for this podcast, for the universe putting this podcast in my path and for me taking the leap with Celery Juice and trusting my intuition. I am so incredibly grateful for Anthony Williams and Spirit of Compassion. Grateful for the work they are doing to heal so many people around the world. If you watch his Instagram stories, he reposts so many stories of people healing all around the world. His information works and I believe you too (Yes I am talking to you reading this) can heal. I am one of the many people who are living proof that following his protocols will help you heal. I still have so much more to go with my own healing, but I can tell you I am way better off than I was a year ago. & if you are interested in learning more about Medical Medium I would suggest checking out his first book (the Revised and Expanded version), Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal (Revised and Expanded Edition). I have so much more to tell you all of my healing and I can’t wait! Much love and blessings sent your way!

Much Love,

Grateful for One Year


A whole year can change a lot about a person, & this is what my year consisted of:

  • One Year of no meat (animal products)
  • One Year of no dairy
  • One Year of no gluten
  • One Year of no alcohol
  • One Year of no processed sugar
  • One Year of staying ‘fat free’ most days
  • One Year of eating fruits and vegetables
  • One Year of no medications
  • One Year of making and drinking Celery Juice every day (well almost every day, hey I’m not perfect!)
  • One Year of following the Medical Medium Protocols (tailored to my healing)

One whole year of coming back to the person I was always meant to become. And boy what a wild ride its been so far.

Was it easy? Hell no this was not easy. Was it worth it? 100%, yes this was worth it, and I would do it all over again because of where I am now. It took a lot of dedication, a lot of saying no to things and just being by myself. A lot of making all of my own food, meditating, Journaling, reading all of the Medical Medium books and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work for me, what I could eat and what I couldn’t. I took everything I thought I knew about nutrition and threw that shit out the window. I sat with my thoughts, emotions and feelings and figured out why I was feeling the way I was feeling and let them come and go. I took the time to understand my body and how it reacts to certain things, experiences and situations. It took a lot of me knowing in my heart that this path that I chose for myself was working, even when people had other things to say about it. I know they were all coming from the heart when they tried to help me, but I just stuck to what I was doing because I knew, I just knew that I was going to get better in time. I had a lot of ups and downs, a lot of symptoms and emotions and feelings happening through out my healing process. I didn’t just change the way I was eating, I changed my whole life style. There are things that I used to do a year ago that no longer resonate with me anymore, and that is okay.

This journey is not easy. I am still healing each and every day but I am in a better place than I was one year ago. What I did learn was that the things worthwhile in life do not come easy. It takes hard work, dedication, trusting the process and you believing in yourself to keep going. It does get easier the more you stick to it and you figure things out on your own. This year has taught me to be patient, be in the present moment and really just be grateful for everything in life. Never, ever, be afraid of who you truly are, even if you go against the grain.

I know I am not perfect and I am still working on myself. I know I have had some of the ‘no foods’ MM talks about this past year, and I am sure I’ve been exposed to or consumed something that hasn’t benefitted me. But I am pretty proud of myself for how far I’ve come. If you would’ve told me a year ago that I would become completely plant-based and eat copious amounts of fruits and vegetables, I would’ve laughed and said that you were crazy. But boy am I glad I took the leap.

FUN FACT about me now: The most bananas I have had in a day would be 16 bananas =) And I feel amazing. Don’t let the sugar in fruit scare you, its the glucose your body needs.

Much Love,